Serving the Communities of Wrockwardine Parish since 1894.

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Wrockwardine Parish Council

  Armorial Bearings
                                         Additional Information

Chair - Cllr. Ms. Nadine Evans
Vice Chairman - 
Cllr. Ken Ballantyne

Following the election there are vacancies on the Parish Council. Please click here for more information.

Clerk - Ms. Julia Hancox

Visit the Parish Council's Weblog for up to date information.

Welcome to the web site of Wrockwardine Parish Council. The parish lies within the boundaries of Telford and has an electorate of (approx.) 2325. The latest Ward Profile for Wrockwardine (2011) shows a population of 5912 divided between 2267 households*, an average household size of 2.63. The Parish covers an area of 55392.18 Hectares with a population density of 1.1.

The Council holds its Meetings (usually) on the second Wednesday of the month, with the exception of August.  Meetings, unless otherwise notified, are usually held alternately at Admaston House Community Centre and Wrockwardine Parish Hall. A list of the meetings to be held during the year can be found by clicking on the Meetings link.

* There are 1429 households in the Parish (2010 -11 Register of Electors)

Details of  what Local Councils can do can be found in the page entitled What Can Local Councils Do?

Lighting Authority
Wrockwardine Parish Council is a Lighting Authority under the provisions of the Lighting and Watching Act 1833.

Grant applications are considered twice a year - in July and March - and are awarded to local voluntary groups. Each application is considered upon its individual merit. We can not give grants to individuals.
You can copy and print an application form from our Grant Application Form page.

To download many of the pages on this site you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader which is available Free.
Simply click on the Adobe Acrobat button below.

Planning Explained

England’s planning system shapes new development and the use of land all over the country with the aim of achieving outcomes that are positive for people, the economy and the environment. This guide will help you to get involved in the development of your Local Plan - a key component of the planning system which will be the main influence on how your area changes in the future.

To download a copy of this booklet directly from the website of the CPRE click here.

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